A Workplace Culture that Excites

At Remidio, we seek dynamic individuals who are naturally curious, not afraid of failure and who are capable of working independently. We are a cross-functional team of optical, mechanical, electronics, software engineers, product designers and administrative professionals, with a common vision of bringing to market products that are highly innovative and market-relevant.

Emphasis on market-driven product innovation, scientifically driven research and development with a focus on experimentation, and a willingness to explore the unknown, has helped us create an exciting work-place culture that believes in rewarding meritocracy and excellence.

Most roles in Remidio may require an employee to step out of his/her comfort zone. Candidates with an ability to adapt and learn, often going beyond what they may have learned as part of their previous professional experience as well as collegial education, tend to grow rapidly in Remidio. Its a fast-paced work-culture, where change is the only constant !


Sl. No. Department Positions
1 Finance & Accounts Finance & Accounts
2 Finance & Accounts Project Lead – Health Care
3 Finance & Accounts Software Architect – Health Care
4 Finance & Accounts Service Engineer/ Executive
5 Finance & Accounts Finance & Accounts Manager
6 Finance & Accounts Finance/ Business Analyst
7 Finance & Accounts Company Secretary
8 Engineering V P Engineering
9 Sales & Marketing TSE Diabetology
10 Sales & Marketing Institutional & Govt Sales Manager
11 Sales & Marketing TSE (Telangana, AP, Karnataka, Kerala, UP, TN)
12 Services Services Head