C3 Fields Analyser

Alfaleus and Remidio have developed the World's First Clinically Validated Portable Visual Field Perimeter: the C3 Field Analyser. Test is performed in a wearable headset format and is administered using a smart phone.






Portable and Compact

The device is battery operated and is no more than the size of a Virtual Reality Headset. Now, anyone can test for visual fields anywhere, anytime!

Comfortable and Patient friendly

The use of an innovative LCD screen in the design whose position is invariant with respect to the eye allows the user to take the test in a relaxed posture. An innovative optical design removes the need for an eye patch or dark room to administer the test.

Intuitive Application and Reporting interfaces

The device has an extremely simple to use interface that allows visual acuity and patient blind spot to be evaluated as part of a comprehensive test work flow. The report provides a detailed 54 point distribution of the patient’s response to stimulus while simultaneously measuring false positive, false negative triggers and fixation loses. The scalability of the platform allows for multiple test strategies to be incorporated.