Hand Held Fundus Camera | FOP NM-10

Easy-to-use fundus imaging that revolutionizes retinal screening.

non mydriatic fundus camera

A handheld, non mydriatic fundus camera designed for quick and easy image capture.

Fundus on Phone FOP NM

Handheld, non-mydriatic fundus imaging with a 45° field of view

Fundus on Phone FOP NM

Handheld, non-mydriatic fundus imaging with a 45° field of view

Fundus on Phone FOP NM

Handheld, non-mydriatic fundus imaging with a clear view of the posterior pole in a single shot.

Benefits of hand held fundus camera

remidio retinal camera

Unmatched image quality in non mydriatic mode

Fundus on Phone helps you capture exceptional images that aid in quick diagnosis without dilating the eye or discomforting the patient.

internal fixation & auto montage fundus image

Internal fixation and auto montage for a wider field of view

You can capture upto eight fields of the retina to get more than an ETDRS seven segment montaged image.

diabetic retinopathy fundus image

AI Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy

Medios DR, our AI algorithm, can automatically detect signs of Referable Diabetic Retinopathy in the retina in less than 7 seconds without requiring an internet connection or tele-ophthalmology support.

screening using retinal camera

Automatic image capture

At the appropriate distance from the eye, the FOP automatically focuses and capture the retinal images.

internal fixation & auto montage fundus image

Designed for handheld use, yet supports your clinical needs.

The FOP can be mounted on a chinrest or your existing Slit-lamp module with the help of a support bar and operated without causing any interferences.

The Fundus on Phone is our time-tested solution for retinal imaging on the go.

It is non-mydriatic and offers the best in-class image quality. Annular illumination and carefully designed optics reproduce details effortlessly.


This is the best part - without a single dilating drop, a fundus image of 45° can be achieved. Its comfortable for the patient and enables the user to perform exams faster.

Internal fixation and autocapture

Just hold the device in place and choose an eye segment. The FOP will automatically capture an image for you - its as easy as that.

Mountable on a chinrest

And if you want to mount it on your chinrest in the clinic, that is also an option with the FOP.

Diabetic retinopathy screening

We know that diabetic retinopathy(DR) is one of the leading causes of preventable blindness. That is why we developed our own AI algorithm to automatically detect signs of DR in the retina. This makes it so much more easier to screen and refer for a DR patient.

Images captured on Fundus on Phone NM

These are some fundus images captured by our customers and in-house optometrists. Options like image enhancement, red-free images and image montage are also possible to assist you in diagnosis.

Fundus imageRetinal imageFundus imageRetinal imageFundus imageRetinal imageFundus imageRetinal image


Imaging modalities

Mydriatic and non-mydriatic

Capture mode


Field of view


Light source

Infrared and cool white LED

Device weight


Dimensions (w x l x h)

93 x 284 x 226 mm


~7 hrs. in non-mydriatic mode & ~3 hrs. in mydriatic mode

Customer Stories

Delia Cabrera DeBuc, Ph.D

Research Associate Professor
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. Miami

“It has been a very good experience interacting the device and customer support offered by your sales & service teams. We are happy to recommend this product to our fellow doctors. Remidio’s products are a good fit to have in terms of operations, cost. Keep up the good work with innovative products.”

Dr. Rohit Modi

Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon
Sentra Clinic & Hospital, Mumbai

“I am very happy with the performance of Fundus on Phone Device. The prices were affordable and the device is handy in terms of portability. The device is very helpful in patient education for retina & uveitis cases. “

Dr Sabyasachi Sengupta

Dr Sengupta's Future Vision Eye Care And Research Centre,

“ I've used Remidio's FOP for the past two years and it's just as good as any other high-end camera on the market. Non-mediatic mode and Automated offline AI software are excellent features, especially for large-scale screening. Every year, I look forward to seeing innovative Remidio products.”

What our customers say

Every product we develop has a tremendous amount of input from clinicians and other healthcare workers. Their feedback helps us ensure a simple to use, high-quality imaging experience. FOP helped our customers to image more than ten million patients in the last five years.

“Remidio’s products are a good fit to have in terms of ease of use and operational cost. Keep up the good work with innovative products.”

Delia Cabrera DeBuc, Ph.D

Associate Professor
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. Miami

“I've been closely following a few of the products developed by Remidio for the last decade. Some of their technology, especially the Fundus On Phone, is very actively used in our vision centers. This device helps us a lot in preventing needless blindness among our patients.”

Dr. R. Venkatesh

CMO-Aravind Eye Hospital, Pondicherry

“The IRIS - Remidio partnership in the US has had a powerful impact on healthcare providers seeking to close care gaps and create better outcomes for their patients with diabetes. The Remidio device is portable, and takes high quality images making it much easier to provide sight-saving exams to patients with diabetes, in primary care and at home..”

Steve Martin

CEO, Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems (IRIS), Florida

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