Instaref R20

The world's simplest portable auto refractometer

Wavefront aberrometry based autorefractometer for precise measurement of refractive errors

Portable Slit Lamp PSL-D20

Handheld, non-mydriatic fundus imaging with a 45° field of view

Portable Slit Lamp PSL-D20

Fully handheld slit imaging, on the go.

Instaref R-20

Handheld portable auto refractometer for screening refractive errors

Compact design, reliable results

The Instaref R20, with its sleek handheld form factor and weight of just 450gm, matches the performance of other popular autorefractors through its state-of-the-art Shack Hartmann technology.

Effortless precision, minimal training

The Instaref R20's intuitive interface and audible tilt warning system ensures high repeatability with unrivalled ease.

Lightning fast results, time is vision

The Instaref R20 is both speedy and dependable, capturing 3 measurements per eye and rapidly computing a final result within a few seconds.

Fully connected for the modern medical practice

The Instaref R20 provides versatile data export options to support any workflow. Easily connect to our app, your EMR system, or print its results via Bluetooth.

With Shack Hartmann aberrometry technology, Instaref R-20 gives fast and reliable refractive values which saves you examination time.

Fast and easy reading

In less than three seconds, you will have three quick and accurate readings and a final average value.

Screen your patients wherever and however you see them

Examine patients anywhere without causing discomfort including camps, clinics and at home.



Shack-Hartmann Wavefront

Sphere range

-10.0 D to +10.0D

Cylinder range

-5.0 D to +5.0D

Axis of astigmatism range


Device weight


Dimensions (w x l x h)

55 x 140 x 210 mm


USB, Bluetooth

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