Medios Glaucoma

*The product is not available for sale in the US

An integrated offline AI algorithm that requires no internet for inferencing Referable Glaucoma

The Fundus on Phone can be connected with Medios Glaucoma AI. It is the ideal option for use in locations without network connectivity, as it operates entirely offline, gives immediate exam results, and in the end, produces a thorough report that includes vCDR, ONH healthiness, and RNFL defects marked.

Detects glaucomatous changes at early stages

Medios Glaucoma AI analyses the optic disc characteristics as well as RNFL layer thinning to provide a reliable results for referable glaucoma.

Analyses the image and creates the reports without internet

Medios works offline, making it a perfect choice for use in areas with no network access. Provides quick exam results and, in the end, generates a detailed report with lesion areas highlighted.

Accurate and clinically validated

Medios Glaucoma is clinically validated for 85.4% specificity and 93.4% sensitivity in multiple studies

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