Visionix VX120+

Complete seven visual assessments
in less than 90 seconds

One-touch high-end refraction vision analysis and diagnosis of the anterior chamber.

Perform a complete exam of the anterior segment of the eye

Cataracts, refractive error screening, Glaucoma screening and monitoring, Adaptation of rigid and scleral contact lenses, Keratoconus stage classification and monitoring, complete readings for keratometry and night vision.

The most advanced and space saving instrument for your practice.

VISIONIX VX 120+ combines the functions of seven different anterior diagnosing devices. The instant print results eliminate the need of a second printer next to your consultation table, saving you both time and space.

Instaref R-20

A handheld portable auto refractometer for instant and accurate refraction test results.

Visionix VX 120+

Completes seven visual assessments
in less than 90 seconds

Visionix VX 120+

Completes seven visual assessments
in less than 90 seconds

VISIONIX VX120+ is an automatic multi-diagnostic unit that combines the functions of seven anterior segment examination devices. It is one of the most advanced and space-saving devices in your practice.

Examine the eye in detail

Anterior chamber analysis
Wavefront aberrometer
Non-contact tonometer
Corneal topographer

Fast and easy diagnosis

VISIONIX VX120+ conducts multiple exams automatically and provide accurate results with a couple of minutes. You can also print the results and share them with the patients.

Insightful reports

At the end of the test, a detailed report is generated. Lesion areas are highlighted.

Image adjustment

A variety of in-app settings allow you to optimise the image to your liking. Whether your slit lamp uses LED or halogen based lighting, you can adjust the image to match the source.

Customer Stories

Delia Cabrera DeBuc, Ph.D

Research Associate Professor
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. Miami

“It has been a very good experience interacting the device and customer support offered by your sales & service teams. We are happy to recommend this product to our fellow doctors. Remidio’s products are a good fit to have in terms of operations, cost. Keep up the good work with innovative products.”

Dr. Rohit Modi

Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon
Sentra Clinic & Hospital, Mumbai

“I am very happy with the performance of Fundus on Phone Device. The prices were affordable and the device is handy in terms of portability. The device is very helpful in patient education for retina & uveitis cases. “

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