Visionix VX90

Autorefractor & Keratometer for eye care professionals to make the diagnosis quick and easy.

visionix vx90

Besides refraction and keratometry, the VX90 can help you in diagnosing cataracts.

visionix vx90 reading

Complete Objective refraction and Keratometry data

The Objective refraction includes the Sphere, Cylinder, axis and pupil distance data. Complete Keratometry data that is accurate and reliable is essential for contact lens fitting. The VX90 has proven to excel in these measurements.

visionix vx90 reading

Retro, peripheral keratometry, pupil measurement

Can easily measure the peripheral keratometry using fixation targets towards the center, temporal, superior, nasal & Inferior. You can also measure the pupil diameter.

visionix vx90 reading screen

Customizable and easy to use options

A tilt-able LCD monitor, alignment indication, motorized chinrest, and one-touch lock make this device easy to operate. An easy-load paper function and automatic cutting also make the printer convenient to use.

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