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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unblock a suspended account?


• Go to

• Log in with your admin email ID.  If you do not have an admin account, contact us.

• Click on  ‘Users’ on the left panel.

• Find the ‘Edit’ button to the right of the suspended account. 

• Click on ‘Unblock’.

• Restart the AIM app and log in again.

Resend verification email for your Remidio ID


• Go to and login with your ID.

• Click on  ‘Resend verification link’

• You will receive an email from Click on the link and log in with your Remidio ID.   

• Now restart the AIM app and log in again.

How do I recover the AIM app password?


• Go to and enter your registered email ID.

• Click on ‘Forgot password’. Then click on ‘Send link’.

• On the AIM device, open the Mail app and open the latest mail from  

How do I reset the Bluetooth trigger?


• Remove the back cover of the Bluetooth trigger. Remove the battery.

• Replace the battery and try connecting.

• If the issue persists, contact us.

I am having trouble syncing images to the cloud.


• Make sure that the iPhone has a fast and reliable internet connection.

• In the AIM app settings, turn on Cloud Sync.

• From the patient library, click on the cloud icon shown in the image below.

• If syncing still doesn’t work, restart the app and  repeat the above steps. Contact us if the issue persists.

I am unable to connect to Apple TV. How do I fix this?


• Visit the Apple support page for help on this topic.

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